Ariana Grande Fan Threatens to Commit Suicide After Harassing Fifth Harmony on Twitter

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For some reason, obsessive fans of certain celebrities often feel the need to launch online attacks against other stars whom they perceive to be rivals of their favorites.

Normally, this behavior is baffling but harmless, such as when Nicki Minaj fans harassed Iggy Azalea on Twitter.

Sometimes, however, these situations turn ugly, as was the case yesterday when one of Ariana Grande's "Arianators" began posting racist tweets targeting the members of girl group Fifth Harmony.

Fifth Harmony Photo

"Fifth Harmony are 4 Mexicans and one obese n--ger," tweeted a user named "@ArianasProblem." "I bet they all weigh over a hundred pounds. Like there fan base there fat lesbians."

Fifth Harmony singer Normani Kordei responded to the tweet as calmly as could be expected, writing:

"@arianasproblem I'm gonna need you to educate yourself before making yourself look like an idiot on social media."

Unfortunately, Kordei's fans apparently took her response as a cue to hurl insults at @ArianasProblem, and the situation quickly escalated.

"I have had enough of being harassed by Normani & her fans i committing suicide," @ArianasProblem tweeted later the same night. "I'm killing myself because no one believes. UR all telling my to WHY NOT F--KING HANG MYSELF?"

The user went on to claim that she had been hacked and the original sentiments were not hers. Police were contacted, and the situation is reportedly under control.

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