Ariana Grande Behaved Like a "Monster" at a Recent Photo Shoot, Source Claims

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Another day, another Ariana Grande diva rumor, which is quickly becoming the celebrity gossip go-to on a slow day. But as always, we ask: Is there any truth to it?

This time, it comes from the folks at Marie Claire.

The story goes that Ariana was scheduled to do a shoot for the women's mag, but like the pint-sized prima donna that she is, she showed up late and proceeded to act like a "monster."

Yes! Fear the Petite Monster in the Plaid Skirt!!

Ariana Grande Flips Her Hair

The source didn't go into much detail. She apparently got upset about her hair and her left side (Ariana is obsessed with her left side, in case you hadn't heard). 

At this point, we don't really need any more details, as we know the story well enough already. It's been written several times in the past month already.

A previous report suggested that Ariana wished death upon her fans, or someone looked at the right side of her face, so she turned them into stone. 

There have been so many stories about Ariana's insanely egotistical behavior recently that we pretty sure we knew where this was going. But then came the twist:

Somebody actually came to Ariana's defense!

Someone not named Ariana Grande, no less!

"She did not postpone the shoot and nothing about her arrival time was surprising to us," said a rep for Marie Claire. "She was professional and accommodating.

"She posed for photos with editor Anne Fulenwider's kids."

Professional and accommodating?!

Oh, this is changing everything we thought we knew about Ariana Grande! Can't we just go back to the "monster" story? It was so much more believable!

Ariana has denied rumors about her on social media more than once, with critics saying she doth protest too much and fans sticking by her all the while.

What's true and what's fiction? Only she can say for sure. But here are some fun facts about Ariana that everyone can enjoy (and which still might surprise you):

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