19 Kids and Counting Season 8 Episode 4 & 5 Recap: Duggars, Dirty Jobs & Decorations

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For Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, life has officially come full circle.

On 19 Kids and Counting Season 8 Episode 4, Jill Duggar went shopping for wedding rings with fiance Derick Dillard, and Michelle knew the place well.

She and Jim Bob went to that same place, 30-some years ago.

Jill and Derick got married at the same church where her parents tied the knot in Arkansas, so it's bringing back all sorts of memories for the older couple.

Bittersweet is a good word for how Jim Bob feels, as he's having a hard time letting go of his daughter. Emotionally, anyway. He does love Derick.

No matter how much he approves and how supportive it is, it's hard for a tight-knit family like this to come to terms with Jill leaving the nest. But it's life.

Make no mistake, for all the Duggar dating rules and things none of us can relate to about their lives, Jim Bob's instinct is to make his kids happy.

Never was this more obvious than when he lobbied to have Jessa Duggar's boyfriend Ben Seewald, who lived four hours away, move closer to them.

Like, a lot closer to them. Think ON THE COMPOUND!

They've got a guest house and Ben's living in it, though certainly not rent free. Jim Bob has Ben doing errands and some tough home improvement projects.

This serves the dual purpose of getting things done around the house and keeping Ben busy enough that there aren’t TOO many run-ins with Jessa.

Jim Bob's no dummy and the kid's 19, after all.

If Ben doesn't step up his game in the home maintenance department, there may not be any time for romance, It didn't exactly come naturally to him.

He gets full marks for his attitude, though. For all the things Jim Bob had him doing - cleaning the bathrooms used by ALL those kids - he never complained!

On the second half of the hour, 19 Kids and Counting Season 8 Episode 5, Michelle continued the home improvement theme and taught her daughters reupholstering.

If you want a large family, it's a vital tool!

That's just one of the ways the Duggars have continued to be frugal, with great success. Haircuts, too. But not everything about their life is perfect.

From a dietary standpoint, there's some work to be done. Feeding 19 kids and counting and keeping them all healthy are different things, so it's diet time!

Josh’s trainer Steve decided to whip the brood into shape, which some of them could clearly use, but kudos to them for being self-aware and taking initiative.

Back on the Jill Duggar-Derick Dillard wedding front, Jinger and Jessa Duggar wanted to help out the couple by taking charge of the engagement photos.

She put that experience to good use. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are engaged now too! But at this point in the show, that milestone had not happened.

Good thing she honed her craft on Jill. The bugs and the location kept that from being the magical setting they had hoped for, but what can you do?

The pictures weren't that great, but they are always happy just being together which is what counts anyway, and their younger siblings? Just the cutest.

Of course, even as an engaged couple, Jill and Derick were only allowed to hold hands and maybe get in a little side hug action. No hanky panky.

To see both installments of the TLC reality show in full, watch 19 Kids and Counting online at TV Fanatic! Then check out some cute pics below ...

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