Zosia Mamet Admits to Eating Disorder, Feeling of "Waiting to Die"

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In the latest issue of Glamour, which has received attention for its depiction of Olivia Wilde breastfeeding her son, Zosia Mamet makes a serious admission:

She used to suffer from an extreme eating disorder.

The 26-year old Girls star says she was called "fat" for the first time at the age of eight and a “monster” on her brain subsequently convinced her that her clothes didn’t fit or she had eaten too much.

Just how bad did it get for Mamet?

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"As a teenager I used to stand in front of the refrigerator late at night, star­ing into that white fluorescent light, debilitated by the war raging inside me: whether to give in to the pitted hunger in my stomach or close the door and go back to bed," she recounts.

"I would stand there for hours, opening and closing the door, taking out a piece of food then putting it back in; taking it out, putting it in my mouth, and then spitting it into the garbage. I was only 17, living in misery, waiting to die."

How did Mamet overcome this disease?

Her dad finally made it clear what her disorder was doing to her loved ones.

"He came home one night from a party, took me by the shoulders, and said, 'You're not allowed to die.' It was the first time I realized this wasn't all about me," Mamet says.

"I didn't care if I died, but my family did. That's the thing about these kinds of disorders: They're consuming; they make you egocentric; they're all you can see."

Mamet is now at a healthy weight and feeling better about herself, but she says the "obsession will always be with me," adding:

"For years the voice inside me has gotten louder or quieter at times. It may never disappear completely, but hopefully one day it'll be so quiet, it'll only be a whisper and I'll wonder, 'Was that just the wind?'"

Like other stars before her, such as Demi Lovato, let's hope this is the case. We applaud Zosia for speaking out on the issue.

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