Teen Wears T-Shirt of Previous Mug Shot in Next Mug Shot, Wins Web, Loses at Life

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Robert Burt may be quickly heading down the wrong path in life, but the 19-year-old Maine resident has a very meta sense of humor about it at least.

Having recently been arrested and charged with driving under the influence by Somerset County police, he had a mug shot taken. That's pretty standard.

Less so? Wearing a t-shirt featuring your previous mug shot in the process:

Teen Mug Shot Wearing Previous Mug Shot

The shirt was apparently made by Kory Drake, a co-worker at a restaurant in Pittsfield, Maine, to celebrate Burt's arrest, and he got a kick out of it.

So much so that he wore it when he returned to jail to start his sentence of 48 hours behind bars, knowing a second booking photo would be taken.

Burt said officers “laughed there asses off” (sic) when he showed up in it.

“They even let me hold the sign up so you could see the shirt,” he added.

Unfortunately, the booking picture didn’t capture the image of a cat drinking a beer that was also on the t-shirt, which celebrated the "Burt family reunion."

Sponsored by Bud Light and the Somerset County Sheriff's Dept. Natch.

On Facebook, Burt was particularly blunt about his time behind bars, posting, “Going to do my 48 hours whoo,” and then, two days later, “I’m out bitches.”

Hopefully out for good, bitches. Although if and when he gets his next DUI, we'll add his meta booking photo to our gallery of funniest mug shots below:

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