Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 20 Recap: Barbara Evans Flips Out on Nathan!

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This week, on MTV's Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 20, Jenelle Evans‘ boyfriend Nathan Griffith got into another huge fight with her mom, Barbara Evans.

Luckily, we got to witness it all because we watch Teen Mom 2 online.

Not so luckily, four-year-old Jace also has to witness it. This is his life.

With baby Kaiser on the way any time, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are busy taking selfies. And putting together a registry for her baby shower.

Babs finds out what items they put on there and flips out on Nathan.

She scolds him on asking for expensive stuff, and Nathan reminds Barbara that she is not his mother ... and that she's an alcoholic. Oof. Over the line?

Jenelle tries to intervene, but Barbara Evans keeps on screaming at Nathan as he flees the house to get away from her mom, who is still fired up.

Babs tells Jenelle she's worried about her and the way he treats her.

Corey Simms, meanwhile, has still not followed up with his insurance about the pink wheelchair the doctor ordered for his daughter with Leah Messer.

Then, when Corey and his new wife Miranda finally take the girls to the zoo, he doesn’t even bother to take Ali’s wheelchair and says they'll get strollers.

Ali then asks for her wheelchair, which dad does not have on him.

They have fun there, but it's more tension for the parents. Leah tries to talk to Alleeah to talk about Ali’s condition and why she needs so much attention.

Speaking of mothers and daughters, Kailyn Lowry and her mom, Suzi, are spending time together with Javi is still away for work, and Suzi helping out.

Kails thanks her for coming and helping her out in a time of need.

It's rough on the kids, though. When Lowry goes off to nurse Lincoln, Issac tells Suzi, “Javi doesn’t care about us. He’s playing at the beach without us.”

Later, Kailyn asks him about this quote and Isaac admits he thinks Javi doesn’t love them anymore. They FaceTime with him and that helps somewhat.

Suzi leaves, but this time on much better terms with her daughter.

Finally on Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 20, we learn that Adam Lind was arrested again on a weekend he was supposed to be spending with Aubree.

Moreover, no one even told Chelsea Houska. Not even his folks.

Not surprisingly, Chelsea is beyond furious and gets into a huge fight with his family, threatening to try to shut down Adam and his parents' visitation rights.

Chelsea turns to two of her friends for advice on what to do about Adam’s latest arrest. It doesn't look like she finds an easy answer to that quandary.

There may not be one to be found, unfortunately.

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