Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 19 Recap: Who Got Divorced? Who's In Denial?

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This week on MTV's Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 19, someone got divorced, someone was in denial and someone tried to make good with their ex.

Also, someone got good news on the work front. Can you figure out who's who? Just watch Teen Mom 2 online to see it all play out in full, spoiler free.

Then proceed below for THG's recap of last night's crazy installment:

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers have been separated since early 2013, and finalized their divorce in June 2014. So that truly is old news in a sense.

This was the first time we saw it go down, however, and did it ever!

Jenelle's entire posse, including the incomparable Barbara Evans, and the almost-as-equally unpredictable Nathan Griffith, were on hand for the event.

The meeting with her legal team went well, and she learns that if Rogers doesn’t fight the divorce complaint, they will have no problem making it official.

Jenelle feared that Courtland would be able to claim rights to her unborn baby, since she was married to Rogers and not Griffith when he was conceived.

Her lawyer shoots that down however, saying he would need to take a paternity test to pull that off, and it's not his. He does not contest the filing.

Just a few months after this, little Kaiser was born. She, Nathan and her two boys are happy, as evidenced by these Jenelle Evans baby photos!

While Jenelle has more bad breakups than we can count, for Leah Messer and Corey Simms, accepting Ali’s condition that is a recurring point of contention.

Finally, Corey is at least trying this week, coming around to the admittedly sad idea that the wheelchair may be a part of their little girl's life forever.

However, Leah's husband Jeremy does not appreciate Corey's “lax” attitude about Ali’s situation and how he doesn't work hard enough to get her help.

Progress is slow, but hopefully steady in that case. Ditto co-star Kailyn Lowry and dealing with her ex, Jo Rivera, and his new girlfriend Vee Torres.

While her husband Javi Marroquin is in Texas for training, she is really up against it trying to raise a toddler and an infant solo. Enter ... Jo and Vee?!

Little Isaac has an art show coming up, and Kailyn invited Jo and Vee to come over to the house afterward, and maybe spend some quality time together.

The more they get to know each other as people and share their bond over Isaac, the more they can work on raising him as a unit and an amicable one.

Remarkably mature of her. As for Chelsea Houska, she finally received her aesthetician license, and has her license framed on the wall of her "office."

Chelsea is thrilled to be working again, although she is extremely frustrated with Adam Lind's lack of effort with their daughter, Aubree. Big surprise.

She is also greatly concerned about how his car accident will play out and how the charges he is facing could affect the former duo's custody agreement.

Chelsea Houska doesn't want to bring Aubree to jail, she says, and she's not going to get a lot of arguments from friends, family and fans there.

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