Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 17 Recap: Are Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Over?

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Last night on Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 17, spouses Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert neared a breaking point in their already strained relationship.

The duo's drama began when Leah Messer told a friend that she found a buyer for her house and was moving to a two bedroom apartment very soon.

Considering Ali’s medical bills, as well as the fact that her girl needs to be where she can use her wheelchair freely, she felt this would be the best move.

Then, when Leah and Jeremy went to the store to buy a new dryer and her credit card was denied, he made a comment about her spending habits.

The ensuing argument about finances was loud, and even a little bit scary. Clearly there is a lot of pent-up rage, and it goes beyond this one issue.

In North Carolina, Jenelle Evans' mom Barbara showed concern for Nathan Griffith, asking how he was doing now that he was in jail for his third DUI.

Not only that, Barbara allowed Jenelle to take Jace for an entire weekend, as her daughter continues to slowly but surely rebuild trust - and her life.

Fortunately, things are going well (relatively speaking) in the slammer for Nathan, who can watch TV and even shower with a curtain. He's not taking it for granted.

Their biggest issue this week is her taking care of his mess of a dog, but clearly they got through that after he came back. See Jenelle Evans baby photos!

While Kailyn Lowry was at the hair salon, she talked about how she, Javi, Jo and Vee had their big meeting the other week, and that she was happy.

Later, Javi walked into the hair salon. Kailyn wondered where Lincoln was because she needed to feed him, and Javi said that there was some miscommunication.

That's not good. She was going out to eat for her birthday with her friends, and didn't know what he had planned, so she ended up bringing Lincoln.

The group decided to hit the clubs on Kailyn's birthday - her first birthday while legal and not pregnant, ever! - and she agreed after some convincing.

In South Dakota, Chelsea Houska tried to correct her daughter for wearing her seatbelt incorrectly ... but that's how her dad lets her wear it, she protests.

Adam Lind. It always comes back to Adam Lind, and this not only infuriated Chelsea, it scared her half to death due to her ex's awful driving history.

Her dad Randy called the next day to tell Chelsea he completed a search of the South Dakota judicial system and obtained a copy of Adam’s updated charges.

Randy learned that Adam was charged with reckless driving, a revoked license, a suspended license, having an unregistered car and he had no insurance.

A judge recently waived Adam’s two-year DUI prison sentence as long as he didn't commit another crime ... which he's now charged with five of. Not looking good.

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