Restaurant Owner Confirms Kendall Jenner Bill Bailing, Says Star Was Angry Over Alcohol Denial

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Kendall Jenner Restaurant Gate simply won't go away.

Last week, the 18-year old reality star was dining with Hailey Baldwin at Mercer Kitchen in New York City. She acknowledges that she left the establishment without paying her bill... but this is where the sides diverge.

Waitress (and aspiring actress) Blaine Morris Tweeted that she followed Jenner outside, told her she needed to pay and had money thrown in her face as a rude response.

But Kendall denied this charge, saying she politely paid up after being told of her mistake and has threatened to sue Morris for defamation.

However, the owner of Mercer Kitchen, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, tells the same story as Morris.

"They came in for dinner," Vongerichten tells Yahoo of JennerĀ and Baldwin. "They asked for drinks. We can't serve anyone under 21; we could lose our liquor license, so we can't do that no matter what.

"What happened is they walked out on their check. Ms. Morris, who is no longer with us, walked after them and they threw money in her face."

Morris reportedly quit that night due to the incident, though she likely would have been let go anyhow because employees are forbidden to write about customers on social media.

"I apologize for the waitress going after her, but Ms. Morris was accountable for all the checks to be closed," Vongerichten added. "It's an unfortunate incident. It's too bad. Hopefully they'll forget it and come back."

Would they be welcome back in his restaurant?

"Of course, of course!" he says. "But when it comes to the rules and regulations of the city, there is nothing we can do about it."

Your move, Kendall Jenner. Wanna threaten a 40-year veteran of the business, along with the owner of 24 restaurants, with a lawsuit as well?

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