Paulina Gretzky-Dustin Johnson Wedding in Limbo After Wayne Gretzky Ultimatum?

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Paulina Gretzky's wedding to Dustin Johnson may be in limbo after his apparent suspension from the PGA Tour - and an ultimatum from her famous father.

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Dustin Johnson was suspended from the PGA Tour last week for six months following a positive cocaine test, his third positive drug test in five years.

The PGA denied this is the official reason for his "leave of absence," but for whatever reason, the tour does not comment on these "internal" matters.

One person not willing to give D.J. a free pass? Wayne Gretzky.

The father of 25-year-old model Paulina reportedly reached out to offer support, but cautioned him to clean up his act, or the couple's wedding is off.

Sources say the family was aware of Dustin's penchant for partying, and that Wayne sought to be a positive influence, and offer help more than anything.

Still, he's very far from pleased by recent events.

Johnson and Paulina Gretzky started dating in 2012 and got engaged in August of last year. They were set to marry in a Fall 2014 wedding, but that's now off.

Representatives for Dustin Johnson, Wayne and Paulina Gretzky did not respond to comment requests for this story, but we're sure some version of it is true.

Wayne Gretzky famously stepped in before when it came to Paulina’s choices, attempting to reel in her social media use in the early days of Instagram.

This situation, of course, is more important, given the couple’s marriage plans. Here's hoping Dustin listens ... to the greatest hockey player of all time.

He still has a chance to get it together, apparently. The Golf Channel reports that he's with Paulina and her family at a resort in Northern Idaho this week.

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