No-Selfie Zone: Actually Created on French Beach!

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Fed up with increasingly extreme camera phone picture-taking, one beach in France decided to dawn a line in the sand. Literally, it made no-selfie zones.

The areas are intended to stop vacationers from posting obnoxious pictures of designer bikinis, beachfront cocktails and the obligatory hot dog leg shots.

Fortunately for Jenelle Evans, North Carolina has no such policies.

La Garoupe, a "posh" strip of sand in the south of France, has taken a stand against "selfies" are also called "braggies," which sums up how they are often posted.

A phone company sponsor has set up signs to mark specific "No Braggies Zones" on the beach, and the "Holiday Spam Police" will patrol the zones to enforce the ban.

Not without irony, beach-goers are encouraged to report any selfies they see with the hashtag #holidayspam ... which would imply having one's phone out.

"The Garoupe beaches are among the most glamorous and pristine beaches in all of France," a spokesperson for the beach told the Daily Mail (UK).

"We want people to be able to enjoy our exclusive beach in the moment, not spending the majority of their time bragging to their friends and family back home."

It's a noble, albeit random endeavor. Truly cool images such as fighter jet selfies are few and far between. The rest of them? We could cut down 90 percent and be fine.

Sorry, all you selfie-obsessed celebrities out there ...