Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 17 Recap: Stevie J, Joseline Put Fake Marriage on Break

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On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 17, the VH1 hit's season finale, Benzino set out to investigate rumors of Joseline cheating on Stevie J.

Did he find the proof he sought? And what became of his investigative efforts?

As always, you can watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online to see the episode in full. Below, we break down some of the main takeaways from Monday night:

Joseline's driver Big Rich admits that he's been with her, which lights a fire under Benzino. He feels this is what he needs to try to get her out of Stevie J's life.

Benzino thinks his downfall musically is all due to her, while Joseline denies sleeping with the driver and tells Stevie that Benzino is the major issue here.

Who's in the right here? We may never know. But she returns her rings from their fake marriage and they take a break for approximately the 389th time.

“The good guy will always come out on top,” Stevie J says, referring to himself without irony, having smashed Althea and not told Benzino this.

Meanwhile, Nikko's lies about the Mimi Faust sex tape are just too much for her.

She dumps him, and informs baby daddy Stevie J that Nikko was married. She asks Stevie for an apology for his behavior and he gives it to her.

The apology, that is. “No matter what, I love you,” he says. Downright touching.

“My father passed away. I feel I have nobody to talk to,” Mimi says, breaking down into the arms of a man who also happens to be "single" again now.

Time for these two to reconcile and make their family whole? We shall see.

Meanwhile, Benzino and Althea push back their wedding, Waka Flocka learns that he has a low sperm count (seriously), and Kaleena moves in with Tony.

Scrappy's Mama Dee is singing and singing Erica's praises ... or as close to it as we'll see from her. Karlie Redd is single. Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are together.

Next week is the reunion, and that means we'll finally get to see Joseline go ape $h!t on fools in the infamous Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight.

May we kindly suggest you grab a hat, and hold the f--k onto it.

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