Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 15 Recap: Stevie J, Mimi Faust Fight Over Sex Tape

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On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 15, fans saw Karlie and Joc finally reach a breaking point in their often tumultuous relationship.

Meanwhile, Benzino moved to secure his future with Althea, Momma Dee and Erica tried to make up, and Mimi Faust made a stunning discovery about Nikko.

Stevie J? He may be a hypocrite, but he's doing a "told you so" dance.

You can watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online to see the episode in full, but here's a rundown of some of the events you missed on this installment:

Mimi Faust breaks down over the sex tape, Stevie J's disrespectful texts and how it will impact her young daughter. Life can be so very complicated.

Stevie J reaches out to Mimi to resolve their issues, apologizing for his comments but saying Mimi and Nikko were wrong for talking about him that way.

He feels Nikko was the one who leaked the Mimi Faust sex tape, and throws that back in her face. Mimi storms off, calling Stevie a total hypocrite.

After reading a report on celebrity gossip site Media Take Out, Mimi confronts Nikko about being married. He tells her he's glad she asked, actually.

Because he is in fact married. What?!

Karlie Redd confronts Yung Joc and his friend, Khadiyah, for lying about where he was and cavorting with a woman he said he would no longer be around.

Joc doesn’t try to lie his way out of - or apologize for - this one. Rather, he tells her to step off and basically to stop making a scene at the club.

Insults and objects are thrown.

Benzino throws Althea a showcase to kick start his fiancee's music career, and tries to slyly drop the notion that he wants a prenup into casual conversation.

It doesn't go well. He backs off. Althea goes dress shopping and tells Rasheeda she wants to own part of Hip Hop Weekly and build an empire with Zino.

Rasheeda tells Althea she’s happy for her, and hopes Althea doesn’t go down the same road that Althea’s mom did of being married five times.

Erica and Lil Scrappy try to make a truce and discuss how he asked Momma Dee to call Erica to quash the beef. They hope that she will do so.

She agrees to try. Momma Dee pulls Erica aside, with flowers, and apologizes to her for all that she has done to alienate the mother of her grandbaby.

Kalenna is pregnant. Karlie is surprised at this revelation, cracks wise about Althea and Zino’s wedding and says she’s done with Joc. Mmm hmm.

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