Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: Lil Scrappy, BIG Drama

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Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta may be over, but rest assured, if you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online hoping for drama, you are still in luck.

Very, very much in luck. Holy smoke, this is getting full-on ridiculous.

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 18, otherwise known as part one of the reunion where the $h!t hits the fan HARD, the ladies came together.

We use the term loosely. Ladies, that is. They act like anything but.

Part one of the three-part train wreck teased a bit of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight that broke out in New York City and was widely reported.

As tension rose between Joseline and Stevie J, and Joseline and Althea, and Benzino and Stevie J, Joseline got up to after Benzino and Althea.

It was a recipe for disaster, and what follows is an all-out melee between that foursome, as well as Mimi and Tammy and a bunch of security guards.

Stay tuned next week for when more of this chaos airs.

On this night, the primary focus was Lil Scrappy and his three women, and how can it not be? That guy's rod has probed so many holes, it deserves its own show.

At the reunion, Scrappy sits next to Bambi, who is apparently his main chick now, and she beefs with Erica Pinkett, his “aspiring side chick” friend.

He's never hooked up with her, or so he claims, but Scrappy was texting her hardcore and even shared some info with her about Bambi’s miscarriage.

Those two nearly came to blows over this. And then there’s his ex, Erica Dixon, the mother of his child. They may or may not have boned recently.

We say may or may not 'cause Erica has a hotel receipt to prove it, but Scrappy says he "doesn’t remember" this ... not shady at all there, Scrap.

After taking a lie-detector test, we learn that the aspiring rapper was “deceptive” on the question of whether performed oral sex acts on Erica. Fantastic.

Scrappy referred, unflatteringly, to his time with Erica's "drunken shenanigans," to which Erica replied, "You couldn't get it and now you angry, Scrappy."

And that's that for the time being. Next we look back on Kirk Frost and Rasheeda, who remain together and are doing well despite the past infidelity.

Karlie Redd and Yung Joc - who she considers an upgrade from Benzino, her boyfriend from season one - are also featured. She is not a fan these days.

When she found out Joc was banging her business partner Khadiyah, those two fought, she dumped Joc, then she raged against Joc and broke his finger.

Then they had sex. Because obviously.

Follow the link above or here to see Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 18 in its entirety, and check out images from the infamous Mimi tape below:

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