Lindsay Lohan to Work With Fifty Shades of Grey Author on Sexy Memoir?

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If the Lindsay Lohan sex list taught us anything, it's that LiLo isn't exactly shy about sharing the details of her love life with the world.

But as much as she loves attention, Linds is now looking to get paid actual dollars (or "party straws" as she calls them) to continue spilling the beans about the many famous men she's slept with.

Like so many troubled starlets before her, Lindsay is reportedly planning to publish a tell-all memoir in the near future. Of course, these days, Lindsay is doing mall appearances for money, so she's trying to do more than just set the record straight about her bizarre life.

Yes, Linds is looking to cash in big time. As such, she's recruiting major talent to help with her book, and while one of her dream ghostwriters might actually be interested, the other is just another example of how laughably delusional Lindsay's become:

Radar Online reports that Lindsay has met with Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James about the possibility of assisting Lindsay with her first literary endeavor.

We suppose the potential partnership isn't all that surprising, as Lindsay's book will reportedly focus mainly on her adventurous sex life.

"She's prepared to put everything out there," says a source close to the project. "The stories she promised the literary agents made their jaws drop."

Sounds like it would be right up James' alley. But if things don't work out with the Fifty Shades author, Lindsay has a backup plan:

"Another pie in the sky idea was that she might persuade J.K. Rowling to work with her," says the source.

Yes, she wants to work with the woman who gave us Harry Potter. We suppose it makes sense, as the full story of Lindsay's sex life could probably fill up seven volumes. Maybe she's hoping J.K has a spell to erase the Lohan bikini photos from the Internet:

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