Liam Payne Scoffs at Weight Critics: I'm So Fat!!!

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Oh, those silly boys from One Direction.

A few weeks after a Harry Styles naked photo surfaced on Instagram, friend and colleague Liam Payne has taken to Twitter and laughed off critics who have labeled him fat.

The surprising criticism spread online last week after Payne was photographed shirtless while vacationing in the South of France with girlfriend Sophia Smith.

Making light of those who insulted his figure, Liam posted the following photo online Saturday and wrote along with it:

"I mean OH MY GOD I'm just so fat these days I think I need help. Quick someone take the cookie jar."

Fat Liam Payne

Payne then got all scientific with his 2.16 followers, screen capping hit Body Mass Index of 22.8, which is considered “normal” for someone his size.

Turning a bit more serious, Payne asked via Instagram:

"Is it wrong to be normal? Or do I have to look like an Olympic swimmer just to get your approval into the cool kids or can I accept that the person I truly love thinks I'm the coolest kid in town anyway? Think I'll vote the second one."

As we all should.

Well said and well played, Liam Payne.

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