Leonardo DiCaprio: Still Fat, Planning Crash Diet For Fall

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We never thought the day would come when the world would criticize Leonardo DiCaprio for his appearance, but that's exactly what happened this summer when the beloved actor packed on some major pounds.

Recent shirtless photos of DiCaprio revealed that the star had seriously let himself go...and didn't seem to mind at all.

Despite the added pounds, there didn't seem to be an ounce of shame in DiCaprio's game, as hr traveled the globe drinking, eating, and partying with new girlfriend Toni Garnn.

Leonardo DiCaprio at 2017 Oscars

But as fall approaches, Leo's three-month vacation is coming to an end and the star is said to be concerned about getting back into fighting shape for a full slate of upcoming projects.

Leo is reportedly planning to give up some of his favorite foods in order to return to movie star mode by the end of October.

"He has given up pasta, and he loves pasta!" a source tells Star magazine. "He also plans on working out more and he is taking his bike wherever he goes."

The insider adds that Leo has vowed to drop ten pounds a month.

As for Toni, well: "Of course she doesn't care," the source says. "He's Leonardo DiCaprio!"

She may not care about the weight, but how about those rumors that Leo is a minute man in bed?

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