Leah Messer: Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

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Leah Messer admitted feeling “really messed up” on an unnamed medication on Teen Mom 2 last week, and fans are quite concerned after what they saw.

During a scene where the 22-year-old mother was working at West Virginia tanning salon Tanfastiq, she said medication was making her “super drowsy.”

When she called her daughter's Ali’s physical therapist, Kim, this was obvious.

Leah Messer Crying

“I forgot what I was going to say now,” Leah confessed, her eyes half open.

“What do you think I should do about the wheelchair ... " she said, trailing off.

Later in the conversation, MTV had to use subtitles - not unlike what we used to see with her former husband Corey Simms - because of her mumbling.

“Like they even make a lower dye and stuff, instead of putting all that stuff in a kid’s head,” Leah Messer said, making no sense to anyone around her.

“I’m sorry, you’re really breaking up Leah,” Kim politely says, ending the call.

Messer’s many fans expressed their concern for her sedated behavior, with some even likening her to Jenelle Evans' behavior while on heroin.

No one is suggesting Leah was on heroin, or even addicted to medication.

However, people close to hear fear that this is not an isolated case, and that she's been taking prescription painkillers without a doctor’s prescription.

Given the stress over Ali's muscular dystrophy, a marriage strained by Jeremy Calvert's many work-related absences and two other kids, it wouldn't be shocking.

“It’s all too much for her,” an insider dished. “Sometimes she drops her girls off with her mom at night and then takes painkillers or drinks heavily.”

Here's hoping she rights the ship, if she hasn't already.

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