Lady Gaga Swimsuit Photo Silences Haters and Weight Gain Critics Forever!

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Recently, Lady Gaga has been criticized for gaining weight, and she's become a target for the sort of hateful attacks that are sadly commonplace on Internet comment boards.

Fortunately, rather than lashing out at her detractors online, Gaga has simply responded by consistently looking fabulous on Instagram.

First, she posted a photo labeled "curvy and proud" - her way of subtly acknowledging the criticism while at the same time assuring fans that she has no plans to change anything about her appearance. 

Then over the weekend, Gaga posted the photo below to her Instagram page, confirming once and for all that she's big in all the right places. Namely, her hair and her Kardashian-esque backside.

Lady Gaga Ass Photo

This time, the Mother Monster didn't waste any time on the haters, and captioned the photo simple, "Pool time babies." Within minutes, the phrase "dat ass" appeared about 4,000 times in the comments.

Yes, despite the ginormous Jackson 5 afro, everyone's still staring at her curves. If that doesn't reassure Gaga that everything's where it should be, nothing will.

Of course, Gaga's not exactly the insecure type, and this is far from the first time she's flashed her ass on Instagram, so we have no way of knowing if the this photo is a response to all the flak she's taken online.

Either way, she's managed to decisively win an argument without saying a word. That's how you Instagram.

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