Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Accept the Ice Bucket Challenge Together, Are Totally Banging

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The Ice Bucket Challenge has brought us plenty of interesting celebrity moments thus far. We've had Kate Upton in a wet t-shirt. We've had the bizarre Harry Potter-related 50 Cent-Floyd Mayweather beef

And now we have even more evidence that Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are dating

It's not just the fact that the two are dousing each other with water and giggling like school girls in this clip. That's just how most ALS Challange videos are, and since the Hoult and Stewart are filming a movie together, it makes sense they'd be hanging out.

No, it's something more. It's how comfortable they seem with one another. It's the fact that they'd shoot and upload this video knowing full well that they've been surrounded by dating rumors for weeks.

Instead of denying those rumors, Nick and K-Stew uploaded this video of them drowning one another in "dirty bath water," knowing full well it would ironically add fuel to the fire.

And, of course, the clip comes right on the heels of news that Hoult's ex, Jennifer Lawrence is dating Chris Martin. Could this be Nick and Kristen's way of telling J-Law she's not the only one who's moved on?

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