Kid Laments Breakup in Postcard From Camp, Hates Girls So Much

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Summer camp has been a rite of passage for generations of American youth.

It's an invaluable coming-of-age experience we look back on fondly, even if some of the many life lessons we learn in that setting really sting at the time.

Exhibit A: This poor kid who got dumped at the camp dance because ...

Kid Laments Breakup on Postcard Home

Getting your flirt on at camp is hard enough. Getting dispatched because you're a nice young man and it turns out she's into bad boys is even rougher.

A camp counselor shared this gem on Reddit, leaving us both amused and sad for the recipient of this jarring experience that left him reeling.

His closing thought to mom sums it up, really. Straight from the heart.

If there's any silver lining here, kid it's that nice guys only finish last for the first 20-25 years and typically end up with better-looking wives and better jobs.

It's a long-game strategy, man, but a winning one. Stay the course.

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