Kendra Wilkinson Mother Hints at Phony Cheating Story: Don't Believe What You Read!

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Count the mother of Kendra Wilkinson among those who now wonder whether or not Hank Baskett actually cheated on his wife.

For months, the celebrity gossip community was led to believe that Baskett stepped out on Kendra (while she was eight months pregnant!) with a transgender model named Ava London, who told The National Enquirer all about this alleged affair.

But many are starting to believe the entire scandal was concocted for publicity purposes due to a couple of reasons:

  1. The first Kendra On Top trailer is ridiculously over-the-top in promoting the affair.
  2. Pictures of Hank and Kendra in Costa Rica have emerged, depicting the couple getting along perfectly well when they didn't think they were being filmed.

Now, Patti Wilkinson is here to add more fuel to this possibly fictional fire.

The estranged mother of Kendra recently Tweeted that she continues to be “hurt & disrespected” by her daughter, a slight that drew a rebuke by some followers.

One person told Patti to give Kendra a "break" because the former centerfold is "going through a tough time," to which Patti replied:

"No she's not. Don't believe everything you read."

Whoa there! Did Patti Wilkinson just out Kendra and Hank as total liars? 

Asked by another follower if the cheating story is made up, Patti responded: "Starting to wonder myself! I really don't know."

It is worth noting that Patti and Kendra don't get along. Like, they REALLY don't get along. In October, Kendra allegedly told her mother "I hope you die," while Patti filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and it's unclear whether Wilkinson ever tried to help with her finances.

It's also unclear now, however, whether Baskett actually cheated on Wilkinson. Are you buying their sordid tale?

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