Kendall Jenner Tips BIG to Make Up For Dine and Dash Report!

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Allegedly, Kendall Jenner stormed out of a restaurant without paying last week after a waitress refused to serve her alcohol, because, ya know... she's only 18.

The reality star, for her part, denies the incident took place and has even threatened legal action against the waitress who made the dine-and-dash claim.

If the waitress' story is fabricated, as Kendall Jenner claims, then the threat of a lawsuit will likely cause her to back down. Either way, she's looking to make good.

Not taking any chances with her reputation, the up-and-coming model decided to put her money where her mouth is in the wake of the waitress-gate scandal.

TMZ reports that KJ went to dinner with Stephen Baldwin and his daughter Hailey last week, and to prove her generosity, Kendall picked up the bill and left a HUGE tip. 

Witnesses say that at the end of the meal, Kendall covered the $554 check and left an extra $160 on top of it. That's 28.88%, people!

Not bad, but if she actually threw money in a waitress' face earlier in the week, going above 20 percent with another server doesn't quite make up for it. 

We may never know for sure what happened on that fateful night in New York, but Kendall certainly seems to feel guilty about something

Much like you, after scrolling through these pics:

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