Kendall Jenner Dances in a Bikini With Jaden Smith, Because of Course She Does

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So, in case you didn't already know Kendall Jenner loves Instagram. Check out her page and thank us later.

There was a time when Kendall's IG generated its fair share of controversy, but since she turned 18, Kendall has entered the modeling world.

As a result, her semi-nude selfies are now far less scandalous.

But if you were afraid that Kendall had lost her ability to cause concern, just check out this video of her dancing in a bikini with a half-naked 16-year-old Jaden Smith:

Yes, it's probably innocent and they're joined by Jaden's sister, Willow, but given the strange history between the two families (which includes rumors that Kendall, Kylie and Jaden are in a cult together), anytime we see these two engaging in questionable behavior together, it makes us wonder. 

In this case, we're mainly wondering where Kylie is.

After all, unlike Kendall, Kylie is not yet a legal adult with a modeling career and a million dollar condo.

It wouldn't be weird at all if Kylie was partying with a couple of high schoolers. In fact, rumors that Kylie and Jaden are dating have been around for months. 

Anyway, we're not saying that there's necessarily anything weird or inappropriate about this video... but we wouldn't be surprised if Kylie had some questions for Kendall after she saw it. 

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