Kate Middleton WINS WAR With Queen Elizabeth II, Denies Monarch Control of William!

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Gone are the days when Queen Elizabeth II could control something. Not that she ever had any real power in the political sense, but she ruled her family!

While Kate Middleton and Europe's longest-reigning ruler seem to get along, she has been at war with Queen Elizabeth over Prince William's future.

Or so the tabloids would have us believe. And now, according to one celebrity gossip source, Kate has won a DECISIVE victory in this ongoing battle:

Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth Too

The two are peacing out of the palace in London and relocating for his new job as an air ambulance pilot, defying his regal grandmother's wishes.

Supposedly. The East Anglian Air Ambulance is much closer to Anmer Hall, where they'll be living, than to London, so in a sense this is a non-issue.

Nothing is a non-issue in this family, though, and depending on what you read, this move was either a minor issue or a huge one for Queen Elizaeth II.

Kate Middleton and William living at Kensington Palace made it fairly easy for Her Royal Majesty to try and bully them, according to a royal source.

She fought this long and hard, though, encouraging her to let William to be his own man, basing his future on (gasp) logic rather than dated protocol.

Kate and William have allegedly hated their time in London, and being under the Queen's thumb hasn’t helped their marriage or their daily lives.

As a result, as they say on Duck Dynasty, THEY GONE.

The duo intends to move in to their country estate this fall and they couldn’t be happier, as they feel it's a better living situation for themselves and Prince George.

Elizabeth, supposedly, is beyond furious that Kate spent so much time and money renovating their digs in London just to pull up the stakes and bounce.

For Kate, though, it's all about keeping herself, her man and her little man happy and on track, and making sure she has a voice when it comes to those things.

What do you think? Is any of this alleged feud real? Could you blame her if it were? Does Elizabeth possibly care? Sound off in the comments below ...

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