Karrueche Tran: Flirting With Drake to Piss Off Chris Brown?

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The reasons behind the split have been the topic of great speculation with little hard evidence, but we know Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran broke up.

She's been pushing the narrative that he's an insecure man-child who parties too hard, while his camp says he dumped her for being a fame whore.

These hoes, a wise man once crooned, ain't loyal.

This latest gossip item - while unconfirmed - certainly lends itself to team Chris: Karrueche, sources say, was caught flirting with none other than Drake!

Drake Clippers Game Photo
Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Cuddling

The once-contentious music stars' recent bromance has been well documented, but it was put to the test, sources claim, by Kae blowing up Drake's phone.

Before the split, no less.

The source says Drake was honest with his friend and showed him the texts that he'd been receiving, making sure another feud didn't break out.

An insider said, ”Karrueche got a new manager and started changing up. In the beginning she was just a cool chick, that liked to hang out and have fun."

That Kae is long gone.

"Now she was trying to use every opportunity to make money," but "Chris did not approve” and feeling like a split was imminent, she got desperate.

“Kae started texting Drake and flirting. She thought that since he and Chris had issues, that he might be open to date her [just to piss Chris off].”

Fortunately, ”Drake immediately forwarded the texts to Chris and told him EXACTLY what Karrueche had done ... Brown IMMEDIATELY dropped that heaux.”

Again, we have no idea if this is accurate, but we think it's obvious that Chris and Kae need to spend some time far, far away from one another.

Same with Drizzy and his ex (also Chris' ex), between whom there's apparently some bad blood as well. If you missed it, Drake thinks Rihanna is Satan.

At his August 4 concert, while he performed "Days of East" (rumored to be about Rih), three burning sixes were spliced in with Rihanna pics.

6-RIhanna-6-Rihanna-6. The mark of the beast.

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