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At 81, Joan Rivers is as popular and controversial as she’s ever been.

The iconic comedienne is quicker on her feet than comics half her age, which made it all the more shocking to learn today that Rivers is in a New York City hospital.

Mysterious surgery complications have left her condition critical.

Rivers was undergoing throat surgery when she reportedly stopped breathing and had to be rushed to the ICU. TMZ reports that little is known about Joan’s condition.

Joan’s daughter Melissa Rivers is reportedly on her way to New York to be by her mother’s side.

After more than five decades in comedy, Rivers has not lost a step and her scathing social commentary continues to elicit laughter and stunned gasps in equal measure.

Recently, Rivers comments on Selena Gomez and Rihanna divided the Internet, as some found her insights hilariously on point, while others felt she’d gone too far.

These days, Rivers doesn’t limit herself to tearing down celebrities, and her latest commentary about the conflict in Gaza led to widespread demand for an apology. Joan – never one to back down – has thus far refused.

We’ll keep you posted on Rivers’ condition as new information becomes available. 

UPDATE: Rivers has reportedly been upgraded to stable condition and is expected to survive. Follow the link for the latest details on her health …