Jill Duggar Pregnancy Shocked, Overjoyed Family, Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Gush

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Good news, as the old adage goes, has a tendency to travel fast.

Especially with a family as tight-knit, and huge, as the Duggars.

Such was the case with the fact that Jill Duggar is pregnant after just a few weeks of marriage. She and husband Derick Dillard knew they couldn't keep that secret.

Jill Dillard, Husband

They didn't even try. Jill and Derick were busy spreading the word almost as soon as they saw that positive pregnancy test. Her parents? Shocked!

In a good way. "There is a lot of joy," Michelle Duggar gushed.

Jill's father, Jim Bob Duggar, says though he was shocked about the news, he knows the newly-married duo he set up will be wonderful parents.

"Jill has been such a wonderful sister to her brothers and sisters," he says. "She always makes activities for the kids, looks for ways to make a dull project fun."

"And Derick is going to be a wonderful father."

Derick's family is often overshadowed by the Duggars, but mom Cathy, 57, now cancer-free after intensive chemotherapy, was moved to tears.

"I was unable to be involved in any of the wedding preparations for Jill and Derick," she says. "And so I am really looking forward to helping [with] the baby!"

Cathy, who was adopted but has two sons in Derick and his brother, is excited to have a third blood relative. A lot fewer than Jill has, but just as special.

Fortunately, Jill is in good hands when it comes to carrying her first baby. If there's anyone who knows what it's like to be pregnant, it's mom Michelle ...

"I have said to Jill, 'When you feel sick and so tired, remember you are growing another person inside of you and this is a good reason to be sick.'"

"For me, I would try to sit down and rest whenever I was sick while pregnant. You have to do what you have to do. The end result is so worth it."

There's also no shortage of babysitters around.

"I am up for it if they need help," says Jill's brother Jedidiah, 15. "I am so excited for Jill and Derick and I know they are going to make wonderful parents."

"Jill has always wanted to be a mom. She is perfect for it. And Derick is a wonderful guy, he will be a good dad. He will be amazing. We're so happy."

Congratulations again to the happy couple, and to Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, who just got engaged this month after 11 months of courting!

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