Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald: Inside the Proposal!

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Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald got engaged earlier this month. Here, TLC takes us inside the proposal in a special clip from 19 Kids & Counting.

Among the few details the duo haven't revealed about their relationship was how he proposed. Well, thanks to the below video, we now know the answer!

He's a keeper. In addition to Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald recalling the big moment, her parents Jim Bob and Michelle also speak on the event.

“We are so just excited for Jessa and Ben. They got engaged tonight ... and it was absolutely beautiful," said proud papa of 19 Jim Bob.

JIm Bob says that Ben, "throughout the day, did all kinds of just really neat things to bring back special memories of their relationship.”

“I've been working on this, planning this day for several months," Ben says.

"Just talking to people and getting ideas, and just thinking about…I tried to be creative. How can I make this a day to remember? The whole day, you know?”

With his scavenger hunt proposal, he appears to have done the job!

Jessa, 21, then adds in the clip, "With every clue I was like ... I was really excited ... but I was also nervous the whole time. I didn’t know where he was."

But she knew what was up, or at least she had a good feeling.

"He could [have shown] up at any point," Jessa said. "[I thought], ‘He’s probably behind me right now on his knee,’ so I was always looking around.”

Soon enough, her engagement ring was in fact presented! Aww!

Jessa then thanks all the viewers for tuning in to 19 Kids & Counting (which returns September 2, and will also feature a heavy dose of Jill Duggar).

Here's a look back at Jessa and Ben's love story in pictures:

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