Jenelle Evans on Farrah Abraham Casket Photo: WTF?!

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Jenelle Evans is weighing in on Farrah Abraham's recent decision to post a photo of her dead grandfather in a casket on Twitter, and her reaction is priceless.

(In case you didn't hear, or had already blocked it out, Farrah actually did post an open-casket photo from her grandpa's funeral, because she's Farrah.)

Her fellow Teen Mom franchise firebrand and frequent social media sparring partner took notice, and quickly threw in her two cents ... of shade.

Farrah Gets Off

"You are well known and you take that attention to the next level by posting pics of family members in their caskets," Jenelle Evans Tweeted. "WTF?"

The mom of two didn't name names, but there's no doubt she's talking about Miss Pornstar, with whom she's been in the throes of an ongoing feud.

No, Jenelle can't help herself when it comes to slamming Farrah's notorious antics, and in this case, we can't exactly get on her case for it, considering:

  1. "WTF?" is putting it mildly, really, when it comes to the casket pic.
  2. Abraham famously threw shade on Jenelle's second pregnancy.

The Backdoor Teen Mom star will no doubt content that she was just trying to show some respect to her late relative, and that the haters are just hating.

The general public, however, will shrug its shoulders in befuddlement.

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