Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith Class Up Instagram With TMI Photos: Look at Your Own Risk!

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Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith, her boyfriend and second baby daddy, are pretty much the definition of class. Textbook. The gold standard if you will.

The happy couple - and we have to say, they are happy, most of the time, which has been amazing for Jenelle - never ceases to raise/lower the bar.

When they're not posing in bikinis and Speedos, respectively, they're licking and gripping each other for all the world to see. Instagram love at its best/worst.

Jenelle Evans Bikini, Nathan Griffith Shirtless
Nathan Griffith Licks Jenelle Evans

Cute? Nauseating? Nauseatingly cute? Unclear?

Most people would probably consider this inappropriate, but you have to hand it to Jenelle Evans for being genuine and unabashed when it comes to sharing.

If she's living it, you're gonna be seeing it.

We could belittle the oversharing, and certainly have spent plenty of time doing so over the years, but it's nice that they like each other so much.

Having just had a baby, no less! If Nathan Griffith wants to manhandle his baby mama's behind all day and all night, and he's good to her, how can we complain?

We can't, really. At all. And yet, we still have to say ...

Get a room, you too! You must have one at home, no? You already have a reality show and we already watch Teen Mom 2 online every chance we get.

Save it for the MTV cameras. At least a little bit?

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