Chelsea Houska Photo: Teen Mom 2 Star Stuns on Instagram!

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Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska, the much-maligned cast member often relegated to the reality show's back burner, is brimming with confidence these days.

Previously criticized for being meek and pathetic, particularly around Adam Lind, that Chelsea is long gone, and the 2014 model is ... well, model-gorgeous.

Confidence goes a long, long way, as we've seen from last month's Chelsea Houska bikini photo, her self-esteem is at its highest point in ... well, ever.

Whether she's with her (adorable) daughter Aubree, cooking in the kitchen, goofing off in the mirror or working out, Houska is red hot these days.

We're not just talking about her fiery hairstyle, either.

That bold shade does bring out her features, though, and those features are flawless. As an aesthetician, she knows her makeup, but still. Wow.

You can't fake confidence, or her natural good looks.

Chelsea has always been beautiful, but her body transformation has taken things into another level. All of that CrossFit does a body (and mind) good.

Miss her yet, Adam? Think about her in jail a lot?

In our minds there's zero question who the hottest Teen Mom star is right now, hands down. Sorry, Farrah Abraham, but you've long been DQ'd.

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