Chelsea Houska Slammed For Using Hair Dye on Aubree, Shaving Toddler's Head

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Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has been raising eyebrows lately with her Instagram photos. Mostly 'cause she's the hottest Teen Mom star by far.

Lately, though, she's been under fire for applying temporary hair dye into her daughter's hair, and for (allegedly) shaving half of the little girl's head.

Chelsea Houska and Aubree
Chelsea Houska's Daughter Aubree

The photo on the right, somehow, is drawing the bulk of the criticism, as it's just a four-year-old looking out the window of an airport, as kids her age do.

Chelsea Houska captioned the ordinary, adorable shot with a simple "She's SO excited. Travel baby," along with an emoji of a smiley face and an airplane.

Yet her followers immediately jumped all over Chelsea for shaving half of Aubree's hair off, which it's not even clear if she did, or for dying her hair.

You'd think being Instagram users themselves, or people who watch Teen Mom 2 online and thus like Chelsea enough to follower her, this would not occur.

They would understand what a filter is, or a photo is, you would think. But you would be wrong, 'cause social media sites bring out the crazy in people.

Full on insanity, the things people will get on you about. Sure, you put things out there and you have to expect some of this. But to this extent? Really?

Even totally innocent photos of a cute little girl (most likely on her way to the Teen Mom 2 reunion special with mom) cause the haters to come out. Bizarre.

Bottom line: People on Instagram need to chill.

Bottom line #2: Chelsea's still smokin' ...

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