Beyonce and Jay Z: "No One Will Be Surprised When They Split," Source Says

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Rumors that Jay Z cheated on Beyonce (or vice versa), and the Carters are headed for divorce have been on the cover of every tabloid for months now.

But then it was just Star magazine and Us Weekly forecasting the demise of their marriage, it was easy for Jay and Bey to dismiss the predictions as nothing more than unfounded gossip.

Jay Z and Beyonce Candid Photo

Now that more credible sources like People magazine have entered the fray, however, it's looking as though a battle for custody of Blue Ivy (as well as the $100 million in profits from the On the Run tour) may actually be in our near future.

"There has been tension between them for a while," a source tells People. "To be honest I thought they were going to get divorced before Blue Ivy was born."

The source goes on to say that Blue is "the centerpiece of their marriage," but adds, "Their day to day lives revolve around business," and if they were to announce their separation immediately after their current tour "no one would be surprised."

The latest rumors have Jay and Bey behaving strangely during the final stops of their North American tour. Fans report that Bey walked closer to the head of her security team than to Jay while they were changing stages during one performance.

The sight has given credence to rumors that Beyonce is cheating with her bodyguard, Julius De Boer.

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