Ariana Grande HATES Mariah Carey, Tabloid Claims

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Ariana Grande has only been an A-list pop star for a few months, but she's reportedly already developed certain diva-like habits.

Insiders say Ariana insists on being photographed on her left side, she has insanely specific hair and makeup demands, and even instructs production crews on what sort of light they should use when they film her.

It all brings to mind another famously demanding pop princess - but don't dare compare Ariana to Mariah Carey.

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Mariah Carey White Dress Photo

Yes, before Mariah's split with Nick Cannon began making tabloid headlines, the iconic songstress earned the contempt of Ariana fans following reports that she'd thrown subtle shade at Grande during an interview.

Asked about Ariana in a radio interview, Mariah first replied, "Who?" before adding, "I wish everyone the best of luck and if this is the career path they choose, I wish them longevity."\

Many took it as Mariah's way of suggesting that Ariana is a flash in the pan. Star magazine reports that no one was more upset by the comments than Ariana, who has apparently forbidden crew members from even mentioning Carey's name:

"Ariana was mad that Mariah dissed her in an interview," a source tells the tabloid. "It makes her furious to even hear Mariah's name. Ariana insisted that Mariah's name never be brought up in her presence."

Based on reports of her behavior, it sounds like Ariana has a lot in common with Mariah, but maybe that's part of the problem.

Currently, Ariana is dating Big Sean, she's got several successful singles and she's ready to drop a highly-anticipated new album, Perhaps Mariah's current woes serve as an unwelcome reminder that success can be incredibly tough to hold on to.

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