Ariana Grande and Big Sean: Holding Hands at the VMAs! Totally Dating!

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Rumors that Ariana Grande and Big Sean are dating have been circulating for weeks, but neither party has confirmed or denied the reports.

Fortunately, thanks to an eagle-eyed backstage cameraman at the 2014 Video Music Awards, Sean and Ariana's secret is out whether they like it or not!

Ariana Grande and Big Sean Backstage

Now that we have video evidence that Ari-Sean-a is a thing (We'll work on that nickname.) it raises a whole slew of related questions:

Did Sean cheat on Naya Rivera with Ariana? Was Sean the cause of the Ariana and Jai Brooks breakup?

We may never know for certain when these two started dating, or if there was any overlap with their previous relationships.

But knowing that they met while recording on Ariana's single "Right There" back in mid-2013, we're guessing they've been "collaborating" in secret for some time now.

Whatever the case, we're hoping for their sake that Jai and Naya weren't watching the VMAs last night. Seeing your exes making googly eyes at each other on national TV has gotta sting.

Of course, watching the awful True Blood series finale probably would've caused them just as much suffering. 

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