Ariana Grande and Big Sean: Dating?!

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Ariana Grande broke up with Jai Brooks yesterday in a surprise move that many have blamed on the Aussie comedian's immaturity and inability to provide emotional support following the death of Grande's grandfather. 

Big Sean and Naya Rivera ended their engagement back in April, and many attributed the split to the fact that...well, Naya's a little crazy. (She ended up marrying a different dude on the same day she was supposed to marry Sean.)

But what if Ariana and Sean had different motivations for dumping their exes? Motivations like...each other?

Ariana Grande is Cute
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The 20-year-old pop star and 26-year-old rapper met while recording Ariana's hit "Problem" (Sean is the one whispering the chorus). 

Ariana and Sean were spotted on a movie date in Florida last night and witnesses say the pair made out for the entirety of the flick. It's all led to speculation that they're just now going public because they're finally both single.

Ariana tweeted about hanging out with Sean just days before her breakup with Brooks. Were they already hooking up at that time?

It's said that Ariana's main problems with Brooks were his lack of maturity and the difficulties that came with dating a guy who lives on the other side of the world.

She's certainly less likely to have those issues with the older, American Sean.

We're just hoping for Ariana's sake that Naya doesn't find out. Did we mention she's kinda crazy?

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