Adam Lind: Chelsea Houska's Baby Daddy Released From Jail

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Last year, Adam Lind was arrested for his third DUI, and while he was released for that offense, Adam has spent much of the time since behind bars.

His ex-girlfriend - Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska - seems to thrive with Adam behind bars. One look at Houska's recent bikini pics shows that the mother 4-year-old Aubree is in the best shape of her life.

Adam Lind Pic

Better yet, Chelsea is dating the ex of Taylor Halibur, another woman with whom Adam has a child.

Adam most recently served a ten-day stint behind bars for driving without a license. It was thought that he might be kept in custody, due to the slew of other charges for which he's still awaiting trial. 

Lind was released yesterday, however, and Chelsea is understandably frightened of what her volatile ex might do.

In the past, Houska and Lind had somewhat amicably shared custody of Aubree, but that was before Lind's latest arrest and the start of Chelea's relationship with Lind's ex's ex. (So much drama it's hard to keep straight!)

Understandably, Houska has since tried to reduce Lind's visitation rights.

The terms of the new custody arrangement haven't been made public, but we're guessing Houska is trying to put his much distance as possible between her duaghter and her jailbird baby daddy.

"Chelsea is trying to protect her daughter," confirms a source close to the situation.

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