49 Inappropriate Kendall and Kylie Jenner Photos: Too Racy For Teenagers?

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner sure have taken some cues from Kim Kardashian.

No, they're not trying to make a Kim Kardashian sex tape sequel or get married a lot (give it time, the cynics cry in unison), but they know what they're doing.

By posing in bikinis, showing off just a peak of cleavage or flaunting Kendall's legs for days, the teens have been well groomed by their half-sister ...

The heiresses apparent to Kim also owe a lot of credit - and very likely, the bills for their future psychiatrists - to the Momager to end all Momagers.

Kris Jenner. The woman is either peerless in the lengths she'll go to build the family brand, or utterly clueless as to what her youngest two kids do all day.

Either way, wow. Just wow. Kylie just turned 17 and Kendall will soon be 19, but many of the photos in the gallery above were taken quite a long time ago.

In other words, the young celebuspawns thought nothing of posting provocative pics online long before they could drive the Range Rovers they now wreck.

Are they now wrecking the morals of their young female fans, as well?

There's no stopping them now, as hormonal teens will be hormonal teens, social media voyeurism grows by the day and Kris Jenner is still Kris Jenner.

Is nothing sacred? Or are we making too much of harmless fun? The two are role models, like or or not, and many feel their actions send a poor message.

Do you agree? Click through the most inappropriate photos of Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner above and tell us if you think they should be more demure.

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