27 Celebrity Wedding Dresses We Love: From Princesses to Pop Stars!

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With news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are married (SURPRISE!) we started thinking about the many, many celebrity weddings we've witnessed over the years.

And man, have we witnessed a lot of celebrity weddings!

Some stars have even managed to get married more than once recently coughKimK​cough leading us to take a look at some of the best celebrity wedding dresses we've ever seen:

Regardless, when brides like Kate Middleton step out in front of the cameras, the world takes notice. Likewise with famous faces such as Kaley Cuoco and Kim Kardashian.

It's no surprise that their fancy frocks fuel an entire industry, because what woman doesn't want to look like a LITERAL princess on her big day?

Designers will literally give their right arm to design wedding dresses for engaged celebrities, and those same women will spare no expense when it comes to the big day.

Even if their dresses are probably free anyway because of the exposure the designer will receive. (Does that make NONE sense to anyone else?)

Anyway, we can't wait to add Angelina's dress to the our list, because we know it's sure to be amazing, and that the photos will likely net millions ... for charity.

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