11 Things You Didn't Know About Taylor Swift: She's an Expert in the Art of Gangsta Needlepoint?!

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Taylor Swift. You think you know everything about her, and who could blame you? She's been writing deeply personal lyrics since she was in her teens, and her love life has served as frequent tabloid fodder for almost as long.

Taylor's many relationships with celebrities have been publicly dissected to the point that you may remember more about her breakups than your own.

But though she's been woefully unlucky in love and has occasionally vented her frustrations in song form, Taylor is far more mature, intelligent, and well-rounded than most celebs her age. As such, there are a lot of Swifty facts and foibles that you may not be aware of:

For example, did you know that Taylor made SNL history as the first ever host to write her own monologue? Or that she won a national poetry award while still in grade school?

Yes, there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the Pennsylvania girl who grew up on a Christmas tree farm. Speaking of eyes:

Taylor is blind as a bat! Yes, it's hard to believe given her flawless fashion sense, but Taylor has terrible vision, and is entirely dependent on glasses or contacts to get through her day.

Not surprisingly, that's one biographical factoid that's never made it into one of her songs.

Jump into the gallery above to find out about Taylor's first public performance, which family member was also a famous singer, and of course, all the deets on her unique crafting talents.


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