Wendy Williams to Kanye West: How About Spending Some Time With Your Daughter?!

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Wendy Williams has never exactly been shy about expressing her opinions, but she have may outdone herself when discussing Kanye West's GQ interview on her talk show recently.

Yes, Kanye said some truly moronic things to the magazine (as he so often does), but Wendy went full Joan Rivers in response, referring to Kanye as a "mad man," and criticizing the way he raises his daughter. 

We're sure Yeezy will react to Wendy's comments with the even-tempered, level-headed disposition for which he's famous.

Discussing a quote in which Kanye says he wants more freedom for celebrities so that his daughter can live a "normal life," Williams remarked:

"How about if you spent more time with you daughter, at home, with your wife, doing normal people things. Your daughter might grow up with a normal life, but the fact that she's got you as a daughter, all bets are off."

She continued:

"[Kanye] hasn't said much that I agree with since, 'George Bush doesn't care about black people.' He does care what other people think, and most of what he says is a contradiction. I just want to see your daughter smile for once."

Williams has promised to literally eat crow if the Kimye marriage lasts more than 72 days (the length of Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries), so we're sure she's pleased with the rumors that Kim and Kanye are miserable in their marriage.

You shouldn't have gone public with that though, Wendy. Now they'll stay married for 73 days just to spite you.

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