Toby Sheldon, Plastic Surgery-Obsessed Justin Bieber Fan, Appears on Botched

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Toby Sheldon, the 33-year-old L.A.-based songwriter who really, really wants to look just like Justin Bieber, appeared on last night's episode of Botched.

On the show, Drs. Terry Dubrow (husband of The Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather) and Paul Nassif met Bieber's biggest fan.

Were they able to help this misguided soul?

Was help the reason he came to them?

Sheldon, like Justin Jedlica only trying to emulate Justin Bieber instead of a Ken doll, says he spent $100,000 in surgeries to look like the pop star.

The 18-year-old Bieber, not the 2014 model.

How do you do that, exactly?

"Hair transplants," says Toby. "I had my lips done, my upper lip lifted … in this kind of permanent smirk, like Justin has, my lower lip lifted to hide more of the bottom teeth."

"He has a six-pack, so I got some liposuction."

As for what brought him to Botched (which also featured Jedlica)? He says, "Basically, I would love to get my forehead reduced, then a jaw reduction."

Terry Dubrow noted that in order to shrink Toby's forehead, he'd have to put in a tissue expander that would make his forehead jut out like a Neanderthal's.

"There's hats to cover it with," he joked, but with total seriousness about going forward with this. "It's two months of misery for a lifetime of happiness."

Terry and Paul were not in joking moods.

The docs pass on any more Toby Sheldon surgeries but that won't stop him: "I've been turned down by tens and tens of surgeons before and look what happened."

Look, indeed.

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