The Walking Dead Season 5: First Clip!

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AMC has released the first clip from The Walking Dead Season 5.

It features Carol and Tyreese on the way to Terminus with baby Judith, although their adventure quickly gets interrupted by a group of zombies.

The trio makes an understandable run for it, but someone might wanna tell them not to bother rushing over to Terminus: as fans learned to conclude The Walking Dead Season 4, things aren't exactly peaches and cream over there.

Check out this scene from the first fall episode back now:

At the end of last season, Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl arrived at Terminus… only to discover its inhabitants donning the possessions of the friends they haven't seen since the Governor's attack on the prison.

Rick and the others were soon put into a train car only to be met there by Glenn, Maggie and Sasha. Hmmm....

Need to catch up on this cable smash? You can always watch The Walking Dead online at any time via TV Fanatic. Look for new installments to start airing in October.

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