The Bachelorette Spoilers: Are Nick Viall Videos a Giant Ruse?

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Some of The Bachelorette spoilers apparently proving this evening's outcome beyond a shadow of a doubt have come into question for a number of reasons.

The videos above, in which Nick Viall talks about the finale you are about to see tonight, appear to tell us exactly how it turns out for the Milwaukee native.

We'll stop short of telling you what he says, because it's a huge spoiler alert, but the clandestinely-filmed YouTube clips certainly reveal a great deal.

Two questions have started to permeate the obvious conclusion, though:

  • Just what is in the note handed to Andi by Chris Harrison?
  • What if the videos taken by Nick were actually staged?

It would be the ultimate ruse, but almost wouldn't surprise us, given the undeniable power of Reality Steve, the soothsayer of Bachelorette spoilers.

Steve has nailed so many seasons down to every last detail, but has also botched a couple of endings in epic fashion. Might this be another example?

Bachelorette spoiler alert for the second time, readers. In the videos ...

Nick complains about losing, goes into detail about it and rips Josh, too.

Bachelorette fans, understandably, are wondering how Nick Viall was possibly overheard on the plane ride home from the finale, talking so obviously about it.

For one, he probably shouldn't be blabbing about it for contractual reasons. Moreover, he didn't notice he was being filmed from about 12 inches away?

When the videos were filmed in mid-May, the season was barely underway (if that), making it seemingly unlikely anyone would recognize Nick Viall.

He went on to be one of Andi Dorfman's finalists tonight, as we know.

That someone would know who Nick is, what Nick was talking about, and who Reality Steve is - let alone actually take and send the videos - seems far-fetched.

Thus the theory that this is a clever hoax and Nick actually wins.

If producer Mike Fleiss, who has tried to sue Steve to stop his spoiler onslaught before, managed to punk him this way, it would be nothing short of epic.

Steve, for his part, dismisses the criticism, explaining that an old friend happened to recognize Nick, record what he said, and send it to Steve. The end.

“I just realize it’s part of the job now and there will be trolls and doubters no matter what I say," Steve told a reader last week regarding the controversy.

"I mean, usually [before the season] I just say who the final person is and never have any proof whatsoever. You just have to trust me and my track record."

“They’ll see come Monday that for the second season in a row after getting Des’ ending wrong, that every detail I gave them before the season ended up being right.”

As for rumors that the winner is cheating on Andi Dorfman, Steve is adamant that Josh wins and is not cheating on Andi: “They are engaged,” he said.

We'll find out in a little over 12 hours ...

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