The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 9 Recap: Who Made Andi's Final Two?

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It's Fantasy Suite time on The Bachelorette and Andi Dorfman is ready to get down to business with her final three guys ... possibly in more ways than one.

Did Nick Viall, Josh Murray and/or Chris Soules get invited in for an overnight date? What happened behind closed doors? Who said what that surprised her?

Most significantly, who advanced to the season finale in two weeks?

Andi Dorfman Rose Ceremony

As always, if you read The Bachelorette spoilers, you know the answer ... or at least what we thought was the answer going in. Were the spoilers right?

If you prefer to remain in the dark, DON'T click on the link above. Either way, you can watch The Bachelorette online to see Monday's episode in full.

Now, without further ado, on to THG's The Bachelorette recap!

Andi Dorfman is really, really excited to be in the Dominican Republic because it's just SO romantic. She's so excited she decided to don a bikini for the first time in her two-season stint on The Bachelor franchise.

Nick Viall gets the first date in the Dominican Republic and after making out in a helicopter tour, he and Andi embark on a private island for a day together. They swim, they snack, they snorkel, and Nick TOTALLY BLOWS IT when he tries to tell Andi he loves her. 

He just can't bring himself to say it out loud.

During their dinner together, Nick brings out a book he wrote for Andi. It's a fairy tale of their journey together with pages at the end left blank so they can continue the story together. 

After she invites him to the Fantasy Suite, he tells her he loves her. Andi looks pleased as punch to now have three guys in love with her.

For her second date in the DR, Andi and Josh walk around the capitol city where he impresses her with his fluency in Spanish and she treats him to a little league baseball game before telling her he loves her like he's said it a million times. Unlike Nick.

Their dinner date turns a little more serious as Andi and Josh discuss what kind of parents they'll be and Josh says he can see her as his wife. Hopefully that's enough seriousness for Andi to know that Josh isn't just a goofy jock. 

She invites him to the Fantasy Suite, too, and he accepts.

For her third date in the Dominican Republic, Andi Dorfman takes Chris Soules horseback riding through the Dominican Republic where he marvels at their lack of modern farming techniques and reliance on doing everything by hand circa the 1930s.

After telling him that his family was so inviting and genuine, they play Ghosts in the Graveyard. Andi isn't sure that Chris should get an invitation to the Fantasy Suite and is waiting on a sign of some sort to tell her what to do.

They talk more about Iowa and how it would be a huge transition for Andi to move there and Chris says that he's in love with her. She says she's just not sure she feels the same way, or anywhere close to that.

(What is wrong with her?!? IS SHE BLIND?!? Farmer Chris is HOT HOT HOT!)

Her head and heart just don't match up so rather than make him wait for a rose ceremony, Andi's sending him home and making Chris Soules the next Bachelor.

We're kidding ... mostly. He would be a good choice, especially after winning even more points by telling her that she's doing the right thing if her feelings aren't there.

Before the rose ceremony, Andi sits down with Chris Harrison to talk about how she has two guys in front of her who are both so different but whom she likes equally as well.

While the rose ceremony is a formality, it's one she has to go through because there's always a chance that these two guys who are IN LOVE WITH HER could say "nah, JK! Don't want your rose!"

Shockingly both Nick and Josh accept Andi's rose and her invitation to meet her family. Her dad's a tough nut to crack, so that should be interesting!

Who should Andi give her final rose to on the finale?

And the Winner is?

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