Teen Mom 2 Season 5: What's on Tap in This Summer's New Episodes?

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What can we expect from the fab four on the back half of Teen Mom 2 Season 5, which makes a long-awaited return on MTV tomorrow night (July 16)?

Clearly, they have a lot on their respective plates.

Because of the lag in production time and the quasi-celebrity status of the cast, we already know much of what we'll see when we watch Teen Mom 2.

Not everything, though. Here's what's to come ...

For Jenelle Evans, perhaps the most famous, or infamous, Teen Mom still on MTV (sorry Farrah Abraham), this season will show her trying motherhood.

The North Carolina student is also the mother of four-year-old Jace, but she hasn't had custody of him in forever. Now, she's going to welcome #2.

Having given birth June 29 to baby boy Kaiser with Nathan Griffith - an ex-Marine who she says deserves a "greatest dad award" - Jenelle Evans' life is in flux.

In a good way, we hope. Rumor has it Nathan will propose ... soon.

For Leah Messer Calvert, her marriage has hit even more snags.

With her pipeline engineer husband and dad of Adalynn, 17 months, working out of state, "I wouldn't hear from him for a couple days," she says.

Counseling has remedied that, but she's also got 4-year-olds Aliannah and Aleeah (with ex Corey Simms) to contend with. How's it all going?

"This is the relationship we're supposed to have," she says.

We can only hope that's true, as Leah has the most responsibilities of any of the four by far. To take nothing away from Kailyn Lowry, of course.

After countless custody fights, Kailyn - now married with a second child by Javi Marroquin - and baby daddy Jo Rivera have finally struck a peace deal.

"We make our own rules as we go," Lowry says of that situation.

Often, in a contentious relationship, that's as good as it gets.

She's not happy in her marriage to Javi, however. Adjusting to life with Lincoln, 8 months, "was a struggle," though she still thinks a "rhythm that works" is attainable.

Finally, there's Chelsea Houska, who swears she is never, ever getting back with Adam Lind, who will remain a thorn in her side for the rest of his life.

Whatever their relationship status, he has a way of making her life worse ... although she's got a good job and is into CrossFit now, so there's that.

Watch the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 trailer above for more!

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