Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 16 Recap: Who's in Jail? Who's on Meds?

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This week on Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 16, Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans' baby daddy, was about to head to jail for his third DUI conviction.

We know he came out of that fine, because this was filmed months ago, but Jenelle worried about his mental state, and that's a concern which remains.

However big of a mess he might be, Nathan is Jenelle’s security blanket, and the lack of that presence around clearly takes a toll on her mentally.

Nathan took this to heart. At the courthouse, he asked his lawyer if there was any chance he could get 18 months of probation instead of lockup.

He had originally pushed for the 30 days in jail because he'd be off probation following that, but it turns out he had no choice. It's Nathan's third DUI.

Fortunately, they recently welcomed their son Kaiser - check out Jenelle Evans' baby photos to see him! - and appear to be happier than ever together.

Leah Messer, meanwhile, was prescribed anti-anxiety medication by her doctor because of the stress she has been under with Ali and Jeremy.

Stress that has not dissipated since Corey told Leah that the board still has not approved the wheelchair. These two just cannot catch a break.

Later, Leah told Jeremy that she is worried that she has experienced side effects from the medication she's taking to deal with the Ali situation.

She feels drowsy and like she's not herself emotionally. Jeremy might work and be absent a lot but he really seems to genuinely care for Leah.

As for Corey, one gets the impression he's coming around too, even if she wishes he were a bit more proactive with the whole wheelchair situation.

Chelsea Houska, settling into her new home, voiced some major concerns about not working because of her esthetician license being put on hold.

Her dad, Randy, set up an appointment with a lawyer, whom Chelsea told she knew the law and was working at that wedding to gain experience.

Besides, she said, what was posted about her on social media wasn't true; Chelsea may have case, but it'll still take a month to get her license back.

An eventual win is little solace right now, as she can’t afford to not be working. She has full custody of her daughter, Aubree, who she needs to support.

Kailyn Lowry wanted to know why Jo Rivera didn't show up at Isaac's party with Vee Torres even though she went out of her way to invite her.

He said it was an awkward situation and he did not know if he was ready. Kailyn then asked Jo for Vee’s number so that she could reach out to her.

With surprising maturity, Kailyn said that she needs to be able to communicate with Jo's girlfriend without tension because it will benefit everyone.

Later, we see Vee read a text from Kailyn that said she wanted to put the past behind them and hoped this would be a step in the right direction.

Kailyn said she has learned to accept that Vee is a part of Isaac’s life, and told Vee she wished she had behaved better so this could've been sooner.

Point, Kailyn. Follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online and toggle through some of the franchise's most shocking moments on MTV in the gallery below:

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