Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 14 Recap: Jenelle Evans Pregnant, Leah Messer in Shambles

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On the midseason premiere of Teen Mom 2 Season 5, the fab four returned with drama galore as all faced problems related to parenting and relationships.

A day in the life ... or every day in the life.

You don't have to watch Teen Mom 2 online to know Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith just had a baby. Well, here we finally see this play out on TV!

In the midseason opener, the duo were on their way to the doctor’s appointment to learn the sex of their future offspring and, Jenelle says things are good.

Must have caught her in a good hour.

As previously reported by celebrity gossip outlets, when Nathan learns it's a boy, he gets so excited, he cheers loudly and then kisses Jenelle repeatedly.

Reality TV at its best (seriously) ... and even Jenelle Evans' mom Barbara is stoked about a second grandson. At least until she learns the name.

Kaiser, she says, sounded like a kind of beer. Nathan, with whom she occasionally butts heads, explained to her the name is German for “emperor.”

They have bigger problems, too. While Jenelle’s charges were dropped after her recent arrest, Nathan is looking at at least 30 days in jail for his third DUI.

In West Virginia, Leah Messer is happy that Jeremy Calvert took a new job, two hours away, so that he could be closer to home and not out of state.

Leah has also picked up her own part-time job to help pay Ali‘s medical bills. Ali, if you really, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy last season.

It breaks her heart as well as Ali's dad's.

Despite being distraught, Leah tells Corey Simms that instead of being upset about the diagnosis, they should be inspired by how strong the little one is.

At least Leah and Jeremy's baby girl, Adalynn, says her first words on camera. Appropriately, and happily, the little one said mama and dada!

On a more dramatic note, Chelsea Houska learns that Adam was in a very serious car accident, and is gravely worried about his and Aubree‘s safety.

Chelsea reveals to her dad, Randy, that Aubree saw Adam a week later, and told Chelsea he had a bump on his head from hitting the steering wheel.

This was actually the least of her worries.

Later, Chelsea received a letter in the mail that South Dakota was withholding her esthetics license because of a complaint filed against her.

She allegedly did makeup at a wedding while she was unlicensed, which is illegal if you receive payment with no license for it. Not good, Chels.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry's son Isaac did not want to spend the weekend at father Jo Rivera's house, and actually tried to beg out of this. So sad.

She might have been smiling a little inside selfishly, but Kailyn realized this isn't okay, and even told new husband Javi that he should visit Jo more often.

Moreover, that Javi should encourage him to go see Jo as a positive thing ... as the male figure in Isaac’s life when Jo is not around, Javi is looked up to.

Things aren't all great on the home front, though, as Javi does not like her attitude. Basically she's mean and unpleasant, whether it's intended or not.

Kailyn admits to her friend Peach that being home all day with two little kids is making her really depressed ... admitting it is the first step at least.

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