Shia LaBeouf: Is He in Rehab?

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Shia LaBeouf may finally be admitting that he has a problem.

The actor was arrested over the weekend for disorderly conduct, just days after he tried to start a fight outside a strip club in New York City.

Merely the most recent examples of the actor's wayward behavior, X17 reports that LaBeouf has checked into a rehab facility in Hollywood, writing that the former Transformers star is seeking assistance from a facility that has also helped other celebrities.

"Shia was nervous; he didn't look good all morning," a photographer who trailed LaBeouf to rehab says. "He was looking down and wasn't even talking to his driver. It looked like he didn't want to do it, but he knew he had to."

According to this same report, LaBeouf was seen carrying around the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Blue Book.

Conflicting accounts, however, claim LaBeouf has not yet checked into a rehab facility... but that he plans to in the near future.

And he likely should.

A few weeks prior to this weekend's arrest, Shia got into a bar fight with a random patron and also wore a bag over his head for a movie premiere.

Has the pressure of being a young star finally caused the actor to snap? Whatever the cause, there's little doubt something is going on with the once-popular Disney mainstay.


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